Tune ups

We recommend an annual tune up for your bicycle in order to maintain your bicycle's components. As we go check over the adjustments of each bolt, cable, and part we are also ensuring that your bicycle will be safe to ride too.  Our repair service menu is all inclusive from accessory installation to annual tune ups.

Annual Tune

adjust brakes

adjust derailleurs, pulleys overhauled

true wheels off the frame

adjust hub bearings

adjust bottom bracket

adjust headset

drivetrain removed and cleaned

lube chain, cables, derailleurs, pivots

satety examination

detail bike frame

recommended once a year.

we fix old and new

we fix old and new


Your bicycle is stripped to bare frame and cleaned.

headset, hubs, bottom bracket, pedals are overhauled

frame set is detailed

cables and housing changed

annual tune up services

Mechanical refurbishment of classic bicycles

The owner of Queen City Cycle will be the mechanic working on your bicycle. With over 26 years of professional experience your valued bicycle will be in good hands.

Wheel Build Master

Stronger, faster, truer. A pair of hand-built wheels from Queen City Cycle will be a positive upgrade to your bicycle. We will build to suit your needs.