Our repair service menu is all inclusive from accessory installation to tune ups.

Here are some of our more popular services;


Annual Tune Up

We recommend an annual tune up for your bicycle in order to maintain your bicycle's components. As we go check over the adjustments of each bolt, cable, and part we are also ensuring that your bicycle will be safe to ride too. 

  • adjust brakes

  • adjust derailleurs, pulleys overhauled

  • true wheels off the frame

  • adjust hub bearings

  • adjust bottom bracket

  • adjust headset

  • drivetrain removed and cleaned

  • lube chain, cables, derailleurs, pivots

  • safety examination

  • detail bike frame

recommended once a year

new Bike tune for Department store bikes

Let’s make sure that all of the components are installed and adjusted properly on your new department store bicycle. A properly tuned bicycle is more enjoyable to ride and safer too.

  • torque all necessary bolts

  • adjust brakes

  • adjust derailleurs

  • true wheels

  • safety examination

 Bicycle Assembly

It’s a piece of cake to purchase a bicycle on-line but not so easy putting it together in your living room!

Drop it off or better yet have it shipped to Queen City Cycle where you can be assured that your new purchase will be properly assembled and safe to ride.

Frame Swap

Swapping old parts onto a new frame requires meticulous attention to detail. Similar to an overhaul all of the used components are cleaned, installed, and re-adjusted on the new frame set.

Accessory Installation

We will carefully install your new bicycle accessories, typically within a day. We keep a nice assortment of urban-oriented accessories in-stock. Our more popular items include;

  • basket

  • bar wrap

  • fenders

  • kickstand

  • bike rack

  • saddle

Handle Bar Conversion

We stock urban-oriented NITTO handlebars in the shop. If you want to change the feel of your bicycle or address discomfort you feel while riding a new pair of handlebars can be a game changer.

We will need to see you and your bicycle in order to assess your riding style. Feel free to drop in or better yet call for an appointment.


Repaired on the spot or at least within the afternoon.

  • install liquid sealant

  • drill out rim for shrader valve


A pair of custom wheels is always a welcome upgrade. You get to choose the hubs and rims the suite your riding style to a tee. A Queen City built wheel will hold it’s true and outlast most other factory built wheels. We also

  • replace spokes

  • true wheels


Your bicycle is stripped to bare frame and cleaned.

  • headset, hubs, bottom bracket, pedals are overhauled

  • frame set is detailed

  • cables and housing changed

  • annual tune up services included.