A Soma Fog Cutter, a custom bicycle build

Soma Fabrications Fog Cutter

Our neighbor Collin recently transferred here to the Front Range, being from Canada he was taken by our climate and immediately began planning a suitable bicycle for commuting to work. Wanting a forgiving urban ride it was going to be steel from the beginning. Steel frame sets come in many configurations but few manufacturers think through the design of their bicycles as carefully as Soma Fabrications. Soma selects the exact right chromoly tubing to reflect the intended use of their bicycles resulting in lively and responsive frame sets that are a joy to ride.

Once Collin decided that Soma’s Fog Cutter would suit his riding style best he went on to choose a component package that would stand up to his anticipated commute balancing weight, reliability, and durability. Take a look at the result.

Phil Wood Head Set, Cinelli stem, Cinelli handle bars

Bespoke wheel set with Phil Wood hubs, double butted spokes for strength

A pair of our hand built wheels are the most durable option for city commuters. We utilize heavy duty spokes for our urban riders and will recommend rims and hubs to best suit your situation. Above all else our wheels hold their true longer than factory built wheels.

What you see;

Fog Cutter by Soma Fabrications

  • Steel fork

  • Hand built wheel set

  • Cinelli components




  • Phil Wood components



    seat collar