Frame Swap done right

Rohloff after disc brake conversion

Rohloff after disc brake conversion

Brendan enjoyed riding his Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT) around town but there was always something not quite right about the fit. He installed a different stem and bars which helped but it still was not the bike he grabbed for long distance rides. Instead of investing more time and money into his LHT he decided to swap out it’s components to a new Soma Wolverine.

After taking Brendan’s measurements and discussing his bicycling goals we ordered the new Soma frame set in and compiled a list of recommended upgrades. Most of the components easily moved from the Surly to the Soma.

Since the Soma Wolverine only accepts disc brakes we installed those and had his Rohloff hub converted to work with disc brakes. The necessary Rohloff modifications were half the price of purchasing a new Rohloff hub. Brendan purchased the LHT with a Rohloff internally geared hub with the intent to ride his Surly on long bicycle tours. Due to Rohloff’s quality and convenience it is an excellent choice off-road touring and certainly worth the investment of reconfiguring it for the Wolverine.

Soma Wolverine post frame swap

Soma Wolverine post frame swap

Brendan expressly wanted a Gates Carbon Belt Drive for it’s convenience and durability which is the primary reason for him choosing the Wolverine frame set to begin with. His Surly LHT had a nice pair of wheels. We rebuilt the front wheel with a Schmidt SON dynamo hub so Brendan now has a reliable drivetrain and light system for the bicycle touring that lays ahead.

Brendan’s original Surly had very nice components, his Chris King headset, Brooks Saddle, Ritchie seatpost all made the cut.

Upgrades installed

  • Rohloff Conversion Kit

  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive

  • Shimano Crank

  • TRP disc brakes

  • Magura rotors

  • Surly Extraterrestrial Tires

The project isn’t quite done, but what bike build is? Brendan will be choosing a front rack and new lights next. In the meantime it’s time for him to enjoy riding his new , properly fitted frame set