Custom Soma Buena Vista City Bike

Panaracer Co de la Vie, 650B

Riding the same bicycle for 21 years is no mean feat. The fact that it’s still in her possession is a testament to proper security and the smooth running drivetrain is more than ample proof of it receiving proper care and maintenance.  

There really isn’t anything wrong with that old red mountain bike, the steel frame is in good condition. But then the long stem and knobby tires were designed to slam down mountain trails not neighborhood streets. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a new sleek machine to zip around town, the place where she lives.

We agreed with him wholeheartedly. Carolyn, his wife, would certainly appreciate a new bicycle to celebrate Spring of 2019. She won’t be commuting to work but she will be hopping on the South Platte or Cherry Creek bike trail for an afternoon of cycling fun and she will most definitely be bike riding in the city.

After talking with Carolyn we kept the attributes she enjoyed from her mountain bike. She really liked it’s;

  • sporty ride with an athletic position

  • smaller diameter wheel size for quick handling

  • wide range of gears for accomplishing hills

Frame Set

Soma Fabrication’s Buena Vista, a modern mixte design that recalls the classic European mixtes of the 1980s. The newest incarnation of the Buena Vista is painted a pearlescent white and is disc brake compatible resulting in a visually pleasing frame with the potential for being very sporty.

Wheel Set

650B wheel size is a nice compromise between Carolyn’s old 26” mountain bike wheel size and the larger 700c road bike wheel size. She will appreciate the quick handling of a smaller wheel size. The 650B rims allow her to run a slightly wider tire, offering comfort and stability on our rough city streets. We recommended a traditional boxy rim and high flange hubs, these details match the classic lines of the Buena Vista and add to the durability of the wheel.

MKS touring pedals, New Albion crankset

The Drive Train

A 2X9 drive train will allow Carolyn a wide range of gears for accomplishing hills and even an occasional mountain path.

Paul Engineering Component Thumbies with Shimano bar end shifters

The Cockpit

The Ahearn handlebars have an ergonomic bend at the grip area, relieving the pressure Carolyn’s wrists felt on her old straight bars.

Carolyn's' new Buena Vista was built as a sporty city bike with the potential for long road rides and even jaunts up and down mountain paths.  Here are some of the build details:

      • Frame & Fork ChroMoly, Pearlescent White

      • Rims Soma Weymouth

      • Hubs Velo Orange wide flange

      • Crankset New Albion

      • Cassette SRAM 9-speed

      • Headset Tange

      • Shifter Shimano bar end

      • Shifter Mount Paul Component Engineering

      • Stem Soma Shotwell

      • Seat Post Soma Layback

      • Handlebars Ahearne MAP

      • Pedals MKS touring

      • Tires Panaracer Randonnee