Bicycle Tune Ups Continue

Bicycle Tune Up Season

Begins now.

rivendell in stand

Although Spring is over a month away we recommend scheduling a bike tune up now. 

The Process of an Annual Bicycle Tune Up

There are as many types of tune ups as there are bicycle mechanics making it imperative that you choose an experienced mechanic to work on your bike. Ethan, at Queen City Cycle, begins by putting your bicycle in the stand, drinking a cup of chai, and looking for obvious problems such as bent derailleurs, split rims, a stretched chain before he begins the tune up. Then your bicycle will be meticulously cleaned, partially disassembled, inspected, and adjusted resulting with a bicycle that will perform as new or even better.

clean Sugino chain rings after tune up

clean Sugino chain rings after tune up

The Purpose of an Annual Bicycle Tune Up

Preserve your bicycle components

Your bicycle components will last longer when they are properly adjusted and cleaned. All of that grit wears out chains, brakes, and other essential components.


As we clean your frame we inspect it for cracks, dents or kinks. We verify that all of the bike components, like brake pads, rims, and housing, are safe and sound.  A well tuned bicycle is responsive and agile offering you the ability to better negotiate the streets ahead.  

Schedule for Bicycle Maintenance

A complete bicycle tune up should be performed annually. The bicycle is a machine that endures much, especially if ridden on our pot-holed ridden city streets.  Your bike’s components may need adjustments at any time of the year. If you notice a dent in your rim, a loose pedal, or an inefficient brake we urge you to wheel into Queen City Cycle immediately. An annual tune up is the least amount of time that we should see your bicycle.

With Ethan’s depth of experience he has the ability to repair and tune every type of bicycle from the 1960’s Schwinn Twinn tandem classic to last year’s newly purchased bicycle.  We are a mechanic driven bike shop and perform bicycle maintenance year round.

Wheel your bicycle in during business hours or give us a call, we are currently scheduling tune ups on a first come first served basis. 303-561-3025.

Tune Up Price: $130

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