Lugged Steel Road Bike


Our neighbors often choose Ethan, owner-mechanic of Queen City Cycle, to fix up their vintage bicycles from the plethora of bike shops that have suddenly popped up in NorthWest Denver. Maybe because Ethan has been in the bicycle industry for 23 years, (yes he is THAT old). Perhaps because he has a tendency to fix working components instead of replacing them unnecessarily.  Or perhaps word got around that once Ethan tunes your bike it tends to ride so well thoughts of a new bicycle purchase just don't seem prudent any longer.  

Whatever the reason, Queen City Cycle is the best place to bring your classic steel bike in for an overhaul or re-build. 

Our featured Fuji has had an easy life in the garage but the owner decided 2014 will be the time to ride it. The beautiful details of this bike, in my eye, are a commentary of the pride Fuji took with their road bikes and of Japanese-made components. And after it's tune up and a thorough polish, the components are all in working order, just like new. 

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