Evolution from a Move

Well we did it, my brother and I read the writing on the wall mid April and quickly realized we had to move our store by the end of the month. And by jove we did it, we packed and moved into our current location within days.

Bicycles are on the sales floor, new sign is installed to greet the cyclists as they ride by, and Ethan's work area is open for business. I will be unpacking merchandise and catching up with neighbors while Ethan performs tune-ups, adjustments, and overhauls. You see, we opened our original store in this very same building, one door down, some fifteen years ago so we have some catch-up to do with our new neighbors. Not that we are far from our previous location but our current 35th Avenue location leads itself to socializing with broad sidewalk, trees, a pizza parlour next door, and the ever popular bicycle route out our front door.

This May we are trying out extended hours to better serve our community-

Monday-Friday: 10-6:60

Saturday-Sunday: 9-5.