Overhaul your Bicycle, We have a Deal!

It's that time of year when the hoidays start to loom on the horizon, personal schedules begin to fill, family trips are planned and we have our Annual Bicycle Overhaul Special!

Overhaul your Bicycle

An overhaul is recommended for any bicycle that has been ridden over 3000 miles since it's last service, or for bicycles that haven't been tuned up in a year or two, even for bicycles that have been parked unused for years but planned to be ridden. Housing gets cracked, tires worn, and brake pads get dried out. These small pieces of the bicycle's componentry are integral to the bicycle rider's safety and are just the time of the iceberg.

We overhaul a lot of modern road bikes and commuter bikes but also vintage bikes and mountain bikes. Ethan excels in rebuilding vintage (old) steel road bikes, he has a tendency to fix and adjust components perfectly. In fact he much rather fix a component than replace one but sometimes parts just wear out.

Our Overhaul Special is available through December 21 so schedule yours now.


I have included a photo montage of bicycles in Lucca Italy. All of these bicycles could probably use an overhaul but we will simply admire the fortitude of the citizens of Lucca to park their cars and ride their bicycles instead. These bicycles are ridden throughout the city center, they are ridden in the rain, children sit on the rear racks without safety harnesses, parents pick up a few items for the meal ahead, and it seems as if those cobbled roads were made for riding.