Bicycle Tune Ups for Early Spring

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Early Spring

I learned that it’s the first day of early spring today.

Celebrate as the earth warms and begins to expand

trees gingerly bud

streams begin to flow.

This is the time we should enjoy her fleeting sweetness

-As written on Icelandair Mid-February, 2016

In the begining

In the begining


  • The month snuggled in between Winter and Spring

  • when the ancients believed that the earth will begin to awaken beneath the snow

February, for me, has always been the dullest of months. Even though the Front Range is predictably granted a few balmy days, they are too soon chased away by snow and wind. How is it that as short of a month that February is the dark cold nights seem to drag on? I would much prefer to take a vacation and leave that drab old Winter behind. But 2019 is one of those years in which I will firmly be planted in the Northern Hemisphere.

Of course there is Valentine’s Day to look forward to. An entire day devoted to chocolate isn’t a day I would skip. But one day of chocolate bliss isn’t going to prevent my February blues. Medieval societies understood the month and planned festivals around this time supposedly to herald the awakening of Mother Nature beneath the snow but I would understand if those old celebrations involving bonfires and hedonism were celebrated in order to appease a melancholy population.

I will take a page from the ancients and celebrate with nature as often as I am capable. I won’t be dancing around bonfires in the woods but I will ride my bicycle. Just yesterday I was able to complete my errands by bike and easily rode 22 miles.

Building wheels

Building wheels

Wintertime Wellness can be yours

Bicycling about town incorporates fresh air, exercise, and errands all in one trip! Such endeavors will be even more enticing on a well tuned machine. If your bicycle is clunking and squeaking plan to bring it in for a tune up during a snow day (today)  and we’ll ready it for your next Early Spring ride. There are so many scientific reports stressing the importance of being outside, especially in the winter. Don’t dawdle, jump on your bike and revitalize your mind and body.

We can help you ride through these short February days by not raising our tune up prices, we will honor our 2018 until February 28.


  • The month of Love

  • when your bike shop doesn’t raise their tune up rates.

a winter tune up

a winter tune up